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Building custom motorcycles is my passion......I look forward everyday to having the opportunity to create something special and different.   I often get asked which bike is my favorite.   My answer will always be  . . ."the next one I build".

My philosophy about motorcycles and bike building is that a bike should be as individual as the rider, and the builder should ensure that the bike is unique and reflects the style of the builder.  A custom motorcycle should not be just a copy of another person's bike. Parts made for or installed on any motorcycle should be functional and enhance the style of the bike, not merely because the part is cool or because someone else has the part on their bike. Every aspect of the bike should compliment the basic design.

I try to build bikes that look good today, will look good 10 years from now, and would have looked good 10 years ago. They are lean, low, and usually black, in order to emphasize the design and attributes of the bike. I want my bikes to have style rather than be just fashionable. Fashion comes and goes . . . but style is timeless.  My style incorporates all finishes, including minimal chrome, natural and polished aluminum, and bare metal. Quality craftsmanship should be accompanied by understated accessories and a paint scheme that compliments the lines of the bike.  A custom bike should not merely be a canvas for an outrageous paint job

Every bike I build reflects the ASHCROFT style, but is individually unique so that an owner has his or her bike without having to see a "clone" at every intersection.  ​I hope you appreciate my projects.  Please feel free to contact me with recommendations, for advice, or just to share ideas and comments.  Thanks for looking at the website.




​                                                                  LYNN ASHCROFT 


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(Taken from a published article)

LYNN ASHCROFT is from Oregon and has been building custom motorcycles and cars for some 25 years.  ASHCROFT'S skill as a motorcycle builder and designer has received international recognition, and his creations have been featured in magazines, television, print ads, and video, in the United States as well as Europe and Asia.  ASHCROFT is a "hands on builder", performing virtually all the design and fabrication himself.  ASHCROFT  is a lawyer by training and education, holding a Doctorate of Jurisprudence and a Bachelor of Arts in History,  and is currently working toward his Masters of Business Administration. ASHCROFT spent over 32 years in the United States Army and Army National Guard, beginning his military career as a Private and leaving as a Brigadier General.   ASHCROFT served in military positions as diverse as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officer, Infantry Company Commander, and Armored Cavalry Troop Commander, and he is the  holder of numerous military awards and decorations.  After leaving active military service he built a private law practice into a successful firm employing ten  attorneys and a large support staff.  He was appointed by the Governor of Oregon, and later elected,  as an Oregon Circuit Court Judge. ASHCROFT received a Presidential Appointment from President George Bush to head the Selective Service in Oregon, and in addition to his other businesses, offices and positions, he has been a Special Assistant United States Attorney, a United States Military Magistrate, a Special and General Courts Martial Judge, and a college educator.  From time to time ASHCROFT serves as an Arbitrator and Mediator.   


JOSHUA ASHCROFT:  Josh has done some design work for projects and has made creative suggestions that were always better than my own ideas.    He is a designer and illustrator by profession and an Architect by education and training.  He is an amazing guy with an even more amazing work ethic, and, whether he knows it or not, he has been my inspiration and motivation from the day he was born.

TIM CONDER:  Early in my motorcycle experience I met Tim Conder who was then living in Seattle.  Tim is a designer, artist, and craftsman.  The bike featured in the ARTWORK page and in photographs on other pages named "HELLBILLY" was Tim's original concept and project.  I purchased the parts he had  prepared and assembled (such as the amazing wheels), and I completed the bike as close as my skills allowed to what I believed he had envisioned.  Tim was an inspiration to many of my designs and helped me put vision into such bikes as the "PHUCKIN A" and "I'd RATHER BE BLOWN" bikes.  Tim motivated me to be original and to not accept mediocrity in my projects.  Even though Tim and I have had little contact for a number of years, I continue to call him my friend and hope that he feels the same toward me.  www.condercustom.com

JOE MILLER:    I have known Joe for many years.  He has been a friend and business associate and he is responsible for virtually all of the finishing and painting of my bikes.  Joe has mixed some unbelievable original paint colors for my use and has always provided an amazing result.  Joe dos not believe in putting out an end product that is not perfect.  

BRIAN NEWSOME:  Brian is an exceptional pinstriper who has striped more bikes, cars, helmets and other gear and parts for me than I can remember.  Brian is a good friend and an amazing person,  The bikes that display his striping and designs would not be of the quality they are without his genius.  His artistry, skill, and professionalism set the standard that other artists only dream of.

MITCH KIM  Mitch is the guru, god (with a small "G"), inspiration, and divine deity in the pinstriping world, certainly on the West Coast of the United States, and, in my opinion, the world.  His projects for me include TRUCKO LOWCO, the FLYER, The ROCKET, the 1918,  and TRYKO LOCO.  Mitch is also responsible for many of my logo designs.  When I ask Mitch to stripe or illustrate something for me I impose no limitations, make no demands, and do not require any particular end result.  He has never disappointed me.  His best work is when you just turn him loose.   

SHANE CAWTHON:  I am not really sure how or when Shane and I met, but he has done some terrific design work for me.  You can see some of his work on the "ARTWORK" page but recently he created the stunning designs you will find at the heading of the "HOME" and "ABOUT" pages in this website.  He is an illustrator, designer, and artist who amazes me every time I see his work.   All I have to do is give him a general idea of what I am looking for and the end product always surpasses my expectations.  I encourage anyone who wants any graphic design or artwork  done to contact Shane.  He is a true master and you will not be disappointed.   tsc@thrillustrate.com; thrillustrate.wix.com/tscxv.